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Pink Opal Tumbled Stone
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Pink Opal Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Emotional healing, trauma, amplifying Heart chakra, self-acceptance and love

Pink opal, also known as Peruvian or Mexican opal, is known as the "stone of renewal," in that people who carry this stone with them feel hopeful to move past deep emotional pain. Whether you need emotional healing from a relationship break-up or the death of a loved one, pink opal is a stone that can give you unconditional love and rest your aching heart. This is also why pink opal is known for being a powerful amplifier for the Heart chakra. Meditate with this stone near your Heart chakra to feel more balanced, tranquil, and self-forgiving.

Other uses:

  1. Helps release anxiety, pain, and stress
  2. Helps people who have trouble sleeping or get nightmares
  3. Uplifts aura and makes person feel more peaceful

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