Pink Tourmaline Rough Stone
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Pink Tourmaline Rough Stone

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GREAT FOR: Love, compassion, forgiveness, past abuse/trauma, self-love, emotional healing

Pink tourmaline is a Heart Chakra stone known for helping people get emotional healing for past abuse, trauma, or painful experiences. This type of tourmaline encourages compassion and gentle growth, emphasizing the importance of emotional health and self-love. When combined with green tourmaline (as seen in watermelon tourmaline), they make a powerful Heart chakra amulet as both target different aspects of love: one with emotions (pink) and the other with healing as revitalization. Pink tourmaline cleanses the emotional body of destructive feelings and behavioral patterns, allowing people to release stress, depression, guilt, and anxiety from their hearts. This then encourages inviting in more positive feelings like happiness and acceptance.

Other uses:

  • Brings good humor back into your life
  • Links Crown chakra with the Heart chakra
  • Helps sleep issues

You will receive 1 Pink Tourmaline Rough 

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