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Prehnite Tumbled Stone
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Prehnite Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Calming, peace, protection, feng shui, stress relief, optimism

Prehnite is a calming stone filled with unconditional love and the ability to bring harmony into the environment. It enhances intuition so that you can always be prepared for upcoming changes, and for people who are going through constant change, it helps you manage the stress of new obstacles. Prehnite brings peace and protection to any place, but it connects most with environmental energies, so it’s a great stone to keep in your garden. It is an optimistic stone that allows us to see the good in all things, and it can even help wash emotional debris or pain off of auras so that we maintain inner peace. It also helps people remember their dreams better. 

Other uses:

  • Good feng shui stone that promotes decluttering in the home, especially for people who tend to hoard possessions
  • Helpful in careers that require attentive detail, such as accountants, tailors, and surgeons
  • Helps you see what triggers your deep fears, phobias, or nightmares so that you can overcome them

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