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Rainbow moonstone Tumbled Stone
Rainbow moonstone Tumbled Stone
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Rainbow moonstone Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Intuition, meditation, emotional balance, creativity, vision, introspection

Rainbow moonstone, despite its name, is not a type of moonstone but is actually a form of labradorite. However, because of its sheen, it has been likened to moonstone and believed to contain similar properties of the gemstone. Rainbow gemstone is known for encouraging introspection and judgement, which allows people to make better decisions and also see more possibilities in their future. This is also because rainbow moonstone brings more emotional balance into a person’s mind by releasing any aggressive tendencies, stress, and low self-esteem. Through this emotional uplifting, rainbow moonstone enhances people’s creativity, compassion, hope, and most importantly: patience. This is also a great meditation aid, as it helps get rid of the mental chatter and allows people to focus on their state of existence. 

Other uses:

  1. Stimulates the Sacral, Third Eye, and Crown chakras
  2. Brings healing energies to the Crown chakra when opening it
  3. Strengthens intuition and enhances psychic abilities

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