Rainforest Tumbled Stone
Rainforest Tumbled Stone
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Rainforest Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Insight, emotional processing, karma, Heart chakra, spiritual communication, self-acceptance, emotional healing

Rainforest rhyolite is a unique gemstone that contains the color spectrum of the rainforest, filled with tropical greens, reds, and browns. As such, its earthly qualities are heavily associated with grounding, healing properties and is encouraged as a tool to help heal the Heart chakra. Rainforest rhyolite is known for allowing people to gain better insight on their past life experiences, challenges, and karmic situations, allowing people to heal and move forward with their life. It helps boost self-esteem , self-worth, and self-acceptance. This is a great stone to use if you need to process emotional wounds so that you can heal and work through them, as this will also help you release burdens that have restricting you in life. Rainforest rhyolite also helps to release bad habits, like procrastination. while encouraging assertive qualities, like confronting others to stand up for yourself or others. It allows people to find the solutions to their problems. 

Other uses:

  1. Used for past life healing and understanding relationship with karma
  2. Activates and heals Heart chakra, allowing people to work through issues better
  3. Enhances communication with animals, the natural realm, and loved ones who have ascended into the spiritual realm

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