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Luvia de Dinero Vela Mistica
Raining Money Candle
Lucky House Mystical Store

Raining Money Candle

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GREAT FOR: Money, good luck, good fortune, abundance


When you’re down on your luck, try using the Raining Money candle to bring some good fortune back into your life. This mystical candle bless you with a streak of good luck. Using this candle can help create a spiritual tie with how you gain money and can help you build financial security in your life or get the right opportunity to start doing so. The Raining Money candle helps keep you in the mindset of how to keep inviting success into your life so that you can build and maintain the life you want to live.

PAIR IT WITH: This candle can be used to reinforce the spiritual properties of the Raining Money oil. Simply pour some oil at the top of the candle before burning the wick.

Standard Candle: Intention candle you can dress on your own. (Only includes the candle)

Dressed / Prepared Candle: Intention candles we dress for you, with our special herbs, oils, powders, crystal and more. (One Candle)

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