Diopside Raw
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Diopside Raw

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GREAT FOR: Emotional release, grief, self-love, healing, creativity, learning new things

Diopside is a strong Heart chakra stone that focuses on healing a person so that they release negative emotions and are open to receiving love. Diopside expands one’s emotional intelligence while also encouraging self-love and empowerment. People who have been holding back tears do not need to hide when holding diopside and can use this gemstone to release their anguish, grief, or sadness. It helps you cope with hardships in life and then helps you recognize your inner strength so that you can continue to heal and love again. Diopside also encourages a greater appreciation for life and is a stone that tries to get people to access their innate creativity or intellect so that they can learn new skills or philosophies. 

Other uses:

  • Balances feminine energy and may alleviate menopausal symptoms
  • Has been used for physical healing, especially recovery from surgery and trauma
  • Builds connection with Mother Gaia and the planet Earth

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