Yellow Calcite Rough Stone
Yellow Calcite Rough Stone
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Yellow Calcite Rough Stone

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GREAT FOR: Confidence, optimism, motivation, self-love, mental acuity, anger management, calming

Yellow calcite, like all calcites, acts as a powerful purifier and energy cleanser. It has the ability to clear out negative or stagnant energies from an environment, but it also goes one step further and removes old energy patterns from our behavior and thoughts so that we can become motivated again. Yellow calcite encourages optimism, whether it means looking at yourself and finding your inner confidence again or regaining the drive to pursue your goals. This crystal gives people hope and the will to move forward with their lives. A huge activator for the Solar Plexus chakra, yellow calcite clears self-doubt and instead nudges us to be more joyfully aware of what we want in our lives, then take the right action to achieve it. 

Other uses:

  • Good studying aid that helps you learn faster and more efficiently
  • Encourages anger management and discourages violence
  • Meditation aid that helps calm the mind and reach emotional balance

You will receive 1 stone

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