Red Amethyst Rough Stone
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Red Amethyst Rough Stone

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GREAT FOR: Chakra balance, courage, confidence, grounding, calming, energy flow, self-worth

Red amethyst is typically amethyst that has been colored or stained by hematite, which gives the gemstone its red hue. Red amethyst is known for realigning all chakras and is a great tool to clear them from blockages and increase positive energy flow. This is a grounding gemstone that brings a sense of calm, self-security, and passion for one’s goals. It can help give you the courage you need to pursue your dreams while also boosting your sense of self-worth (or healing wounds that negatively impacted it). Red amethyst allows you to be mindfully grounded so that you can further your self-development and become more aligned with your true spirit. 

Other uses:

  • Balances the Base chakra to help you feel more secure in your convictions
  • Stimulates the Third Eye chakra when pointed upwards
  • Helps heal emotional wounds from damaged relationships

You will receive 1 stone

Also Known in:

French: améthyste

Portuguese: ametista

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