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Red Goldstone
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Red Goldstone

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GREAT FOR: Confidence, ambition, improving self-esteem, uplifting


Red goldstone is a powerful uplifting stone that helps people boost their confidence, motivation, and self-esteem. This stone can help people with anxiety improve perceptions about themselves and encourage them to be more ambitious and positive. Red goldstone was initially invented in the 17th century by the Miotti family who were glassmakers. They made red goldstone out of quartz zone to produce glass, then infused copper to give the stone its trademark glimmer. The sparkles serve as a metaphor for always being able to find light in darkness, which is why it's also encouraged to use this stone whenever you feel lost in life.


Other uses: -

  • Amplifying root chakra. 
  • Eases joint and stomach pains. 
  • Repels unwanted or negative energies
  • You will receive 1 stone

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