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Bano espiritual Reversible
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Reversible Bath

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Reversible Bath 16oz

Baño De Reversible 

USE THIS TO: Reverse hexes or curses, repel negative energy, protect yourself from evil

The Reversible bath is a mystical bath made with essences crafted to help people who have been cursed or hexed. If you suspect someone has placed a hex on you or is purposely sending negative energy toward you as an obstacle in your life, use the Reversible bath to help cleanse your spirit and repel evil energies off of you. This mystical bath acts as both a preventative measure and a curse removal, so even if you only suspect malicious intent is being placed on you, the Reversible bath will help ease your mind and restore your energy balance. The Reversible bath is also recommended for people who have been feeling unusually sick, prone to accidents, or experiencing unfortunate luck lately. 


Use after regular bathing. Fill bathtub or bucket with warm water. Pour contents into the water. If taking a bath, soak in water for at least 9 minutes. Otherwise, use ladel or cup to pour the bath over the entire body. Do NOT rinse after the bath. Let body air dry as much as possible, though you may use a towel to pat dry your face.

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