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Rose Hips Whole
Rose Hips Whole
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Rose Hips Whole

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Rosehips ( Escaramujos )

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Venus and Moon

Element: Water

Used For: Love, Psychic Power, Healing, Luck, Protection, Peace, Friendship, Knowledge

Most commonly the magic of rosehips is used for dreams, prosperity spells, self love ritual baths and potpourri pots. You can also make your own rosehip infused oil to use for anointing candles or spell jars. Protect yourself and ward away nightmares by putting dried rosehips under your pillow before bed. You can also add them to any healing charm for more power or string them together and wear them to attract love since all types of roses are considered love herbs.  Use rosehips in a ritual bath for work concerning selfcare, love, soulmates and companionship. By placing rose hips around the home, you can help bring back harmony and peace, especially if there has been any disharmony or upheaval.

Weight: .5 oz 

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