Ruby Tumbled  Stone
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Ruby Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Leadership, love, passion, determination, power, resilience

Ruby has been regarded as a valuable stone by monarchs in several dynasties throughout the centuries, often seen in crowns or worn as amulets by powerful leaders. Once used as a powerful protection stone to ward off both enemies and illness, ruby is considered a great tool for any individual trying to gain power, become a better leader, and sustain their ambition in life. Ruby is also associated with love and passion, often believed to inspire desire, fidelity, and commitment between lovers. It’s a stone that ignites passion in both your relationships and outlook on life.

Other uses:

Encourages concentration, mental clarity, and determination

Amplifies the Root chakra and life force energies in the body and spirit

Drives away negative or distracting thoughts, including nightmares when sleeping