Rue Sage Smudge
Rue Sage Smudge
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Rue Sage Smudge

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Used For: Cleansing, Removes Bad Luck, Hex Breaking, Protection, Love Spell, Psychic Power, Positivity 


Used for protecting homes, people, and spirits from evil entities. Boosts health, strength, and concentration. It allows for positive energy to come into the environment. Also used in love spellwork, especially when mixed with lavender and sandalwood.



Light flame to sage bundle and let burn for a few seconds, then blow out the flame. Let smoke build before smudging each room. Waft smoke so that smoke enters the entire space. It is recommended to leave a window or door open to allow negative energies to leave. Smudge one room at a time.


  • Size: 4"
  • You will receive one 4" Rue Sage Smudge 
  • Sold Individually 

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