Sacral Chakra ( Svadhisthana ) Candle

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The second chakra is the Sacral chakra (Svadhisthana), which is the epicenter of our emotions, relationships, pleasure, sensuality, and creativity. It is associated with water, which is to imply that a balanced Sacral chakra should have us be more flexible and understanding with our emotions and relationships with others. It is located about three inches below the navel in the pelvic area.
People who feel an imbalance in their Sacral chakra may feel emotionally unbalanced in their relationships, meaning they are more prone to codependent dynamics, separation anxiety, or antisocialism. It may also mean taking their feelings out on others in the workplace or other social circles. Because the Sacral chakra is also associated with sensuality, people may have hyperactive sexual fantasies or obsessions; or the contrary, they may feel sexually stunted or experience dysfunction in their libido. A lack of pleasure or creative inspiration is also another symptom of a blocked Sacral chakra.
To help heal the Sacral chakra, it is good to make an effort to express your emotions in a healthy manner, whether that means having a heart-to-heart conversation with a loved one or expressing your emotions creatively. Engaging in pleasurable hobbies that focus on stimulating the mind or the senses is also beneficial. Some people may benefit from reminding their bodies about natural pleasures, such as feeling grass between their toes, eating sweet fruit, or listening to beach waves. Those experiencing sexual difficulties may need to discuss these issues with their partner to find a solution and obtain better honesty.