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Saint Raphael Candle
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Saint Raphael Candle

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GREAT FOR: Healing, protection, physical illnesses/ailments, spiritual guidance

The Saint Raphael candle is best used when praying to the archangel Rafael, especially if you are praying for healing. Saint Raphael is known for healing people in need, whether by helping to cure a physical illness they are suffering from or giving them the emotional healing they need in their hearts to move forward with their lives. This spiritual candle serves as a catalyst for receiving physical wellness, better mental health, and secure faith from Archangel Rafael. This candle can also help provide protection to you from other negative influences aiming to cause you, your home, or someone you know harm. This candle is also recommended to help people who often work in the health industry, such as physicians, nurses, and holistic medicine practitioners, not just for the benefit of their patients, but to also heal the practitioner’s spirit as they witness great pains.

PAIR IT WITH: This candle can have its properties enhanced by the San Rafael oil. Pour a small amount of oil at the top of the candle before igniting the wick.

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