Sodalite Power Stone
Sodalite Power Stone
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Sodalite Power Stone

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GREAT FOR: Calming, balance, mental stability, creativity, higher consciousness, organization, mental clarity, meditation

Sodalite is an ultimate stone for strengthening the mind, to the point that it is nicknamed the “Logic Stone.” Sodalite is a crystal that promotes all sorts of mental stimulation, whether it is to be more rational during emotional events or to be more grounded and organized when approaching problems or planning for the future. It enhances our ability to analyze, observe, and come of with innovative solutions to daily challenges. For people who have the plan but not the will, sodalite encourages self-discipline, efficiency, and motivation. People who are prone to being sensitive, defensive, impulsive, or nervous in general may also use sodalite as a grounding stone so that they can focus on rational thought over their emotions. Sodalite allows us to seek the truth of a matter and follow our intuition on what will bring us order in our lives. 

Other uses:

  • Promotes deep meditation and enhances journeying
  • Useful talisman for writers, poets, and creative thinkers
  • Helps to stabilize the mind during anxiety or panic attacks

You will receive 1 Sodalite Power Stone. Color may vary.


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