Star Anise Whole Herb
Star Anise Whole Herb
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Star Anise Whole Herb

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Star Anise Whole (Anis Estrellado)

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Jupiter

Element: Air

GREAT FOR: Evil Eye, Good Luck, Happiness, Psychic Vision, Dreams, Love

Chinese Folklore tells us that finding a Star Anise with more than 8 points is good luck and they were used as protection from the Evil Eye.  It was often carried for good luck or kept in a wallet or purse to draw money toward the owner. As such, it can be used to sweeten spells, bring good fortune, attract money, or generally empower spells.  star anise is often burned, simmered, or diffused to enhance psychic awareness, promote prophetic dreams, or reach an altered state of consciousness prior to hedge riding or other astral travel.

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