Steady Work Bath (Trabajo Fijo Baño)
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Steady Work Bath (Trabajo Fijo Baño)

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Steady Work Bath 16oz

Baño De Trabajo Fijo 



GREAT FOR: Employment, money, career, prosperity, good fortune, stability

 The Steady Work is meant to help people who are struggling to maintain a job or who are living paycheck to paycheck and would like more job security. Sometimes it’s hard finding a job that’ll commit to you as much as you’re willing to commit to them, which is a tough gamble to make when you’re trying to make a livelihood. Use the Steady Work when you want to increase your chances of keeping a stable income and/or advance your career properly. The Steady Work can also be a great aid in prayers of receiving a promotion or raise in your employment or even a change of department into a better job position.

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