Three Kings Resin
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Three Kings Resin

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USED FOR: Peace, prosperity, tranquility, wisdom

Three Kings Resin

Also known as the “Gourmet Blend,” the Three Kings resin is a mixture of three resin types: frankincense, myrrh, and benzoin. This resin mixture is perfect for bringing in peace, prosperity, and success in people’s lives. Just as how the Three Kings brought these gifts to Christ to wish Him abundance, wisdom, tranquility, and power, these gifts are also brought toward you with this resin blend. Light this resin during meditation or prayer and allow good spirits to come. 

How to Use the Three Kings Resin

Must be burned with self-igniting charcoal disk (also available for purchase in our online store). Using tongs, light charcoal with flame and let it burn for a few seconds on each side. Place disk in an inflammable dish, preferably with sand or rocks being used as a base. Sprinkle a pinch of resin onto charcoal and waft aroma smoke into the air. Add more, if desired.

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