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Vitex Chaste Berry
Vitex Chaste Berry
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Vitex Chaste Berry

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Vitex Chaste Berry (Baya de Vitex Casta)

Gender: Feminine

Element: Earth

Planet: Moon

Used For: Fertility, Goddess Energy, Protection, Marriage, Ritual 

For over 2500 years, the chaste tree has been used for women's health, fertility and marriage rituals. The chaste tree is associated with the Greek goddesses Hera, the protectress of the home, marriage and fidelity, and Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, fertility and the sacrament of marriage. Chaste Tree Berries can be burned to help reduce sexual desires. It can stop unwanted advances from the opposite sex. Chaste Tree Berries are used in healing rituals to increase fertility and sex drive. However, the most important magical property of Chaste Tree Berries is to bring a balance to one's sexuality.

Also known as Monk's pepper

Weight: .5 oz 


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