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White Calcite Tumbled Stone
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White Calcite Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Motivation, optimism, emotional healing, meditation, energy cleansing, personal growth

White Calcite is a crystal commonly found in marble or limestone and is seen grown in every continent. It holds powerful cleansing and purifying abilities, as it is known for removing negative energy from and environment so that good vibrations can come in and restore balance. White calcite inspires optimism and helps motivate people who may have lost sight of their goals or original intentions. It helps accelerate person growth and development by stimulating mental energies, and in doing so, it allows people to reach a higher sense of consciousness. People who are hindered from pursuing their goals due to their own limiting beliefs or past pain may use white calcite for emotional healing and to release these thoughts so they can move forward in a positive direction. White calcite ultimately calms the mind by connecting our emotions to our intellect, allowing us to process our feelings in a rational manner. 

Other uses:

  • Used as a study aid because it boosts memory
  • Great meditation stone that calms the mind
  • Removes and purifies the body of stale energy

You will receive 1 stone

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