White Sage Spray
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White Sage Spray

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White sage is a sacred herb used for spiritual cleansing and healing. People often burn sage around a building or person during purification rituals called “smudging” to remove negative energies and/or spirits. The White Sage Spray allows people to smudge their homes, businesses, or bodies without having to burn sage herbs and can be used for multiple cleansing rituals.

The White Sage Spray is an excellent alternative for people who are allergic to sage smoke or who have asthma, as this spray is made with natural sage and thus has the same healing properties performed through traditional smudging. It is also convenient for small spaces, where smoke detectors may set off easily.


Spray on a person or around house/space. Allow the skin to dry until the spray is fully absorbed. For cleansing spaces, best results occur when thoroughly sprayed one room at a time with a door or window open. Repeat as needed.

The White Sage spray could be used to disinfectant.  


  • 4 fl oz
  • Contains: Natural sage; isopropyl, PS; distilled water; pure essential oil.

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