Yemaya Candle
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Yemaya Candle

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Bougie Yemaya | Vela De Yemaya Spiritual Prayer Candle 7-Day Candle

GREAT FOR: Fertility, healing, spiritual guidance, love, motherhood, peace

Yemaya is one of the most beloved lua in the Orisha religion, often associated with the Virgin Mary. She is the goddess of the ocean, the moon, of women and fertility, and so her relationship with humanity is that of the Divine Mother. The Yemaya candle channels in her nurturing spirit and is best used by people who are struggling to conceive, may have infertility, or have concerns about their pregnancies and/or families. Yemaya is always willing to offer spiritual guidance, so use this spiritual candle to communicate your fears with her. Those in need of healing and cleansing may also pray to Yemaya, who offers cures and the knowledge to heal oneself.

Pair it with Yemaya Oil

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