Yerba Mate Herb
Yerba Mate Herb
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Yerba Mate Herb

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Yerba Mate

Planet: Mars

Gender: Masculine

Element: Fire

Used For: Workship, Focus, Increase Energy, Concentration 

Yerba Mate is known to be used in sachets and charms to attract both love and lust to a person. Placing some Yerba Mate in a bedroom is said to enhance the lust, sprinkling some on a pillow or sheets is said to enhance time in the bedroom. 

  • Drink an infusion as a lust potion with your love to ensure you stay together.
  • If worn you will attract the opposite sex.
  • Spill on the ground if you want to end a relationship
  • This herb is believed to improve physical health and memory, and increase stamina!

Weight: .5 oz 

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